Jane Stahler was appointed by the FPUD Board of Directors to take the position vacated by Helen Rodgers West this past summer. Jane has provided a breath of fresh air to the board in providing her skills, experience, thoughts and common sense. Jane’s three top priorities are to:

1.    Provide oversight of the water district’s assets to fully meet the delivering of safe, reliable drinking water service to our community.

2.    Propose and manage additional ways for new and continued community involvement in the water district.

3.    Increase communication to inform the community on the management and operations of the water district.

Our community has vocalized over the years about the lack of transparency and communication provided by  FPUD.  Jane not only has embraced these thoughts, but has been acting on them since her appointment to the board. She has successfully challenged a number of board motions that were questionable or lacked merit. It is heartwarming to see board votes greatly deviate from the usual five to nothing tallies since Jane acquired her seat on the board.

Jane has an expanse of knowledge from her past occupations as an executive at IBM, to her educational teaching, and to her own successful start-up businesses. Now that Jane’s life has settled down from the burdens of big business and international travel, she is excited to utilize her skills in her very own community.

Jane Stahler is on the November ballot and she will provide the changes the Foresthill community has been demanding.  Please vote for Jane Stahler, FPUD Board of Directors.

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