On the morning of April 5th I was ready - but dreading - beginning a very large project that was going to take the remainder of my Spring Break - and until Summer, honestly - in an effort to improve the aesthetics of my apartments and my tenants’ enjoyment of living there - planting nine trees in an area that, up until recently, was an eyesore.

To my dismay, the area I had marked to indicate where I was going to dig (so that all the utilities could confirm it was okay for me to dig there - “Call Before You Dig - 811”) had Sebastian’s orange paint (indicating where their lines were) all the way straight through it! Ugh!

I decided to walk down to the Sebastian office and ask how deep those lines were, hoping I could still place the trees where they needed to be to achieve the whole purpose of doing this large project. Turns out these are their oldest lines, more than 25 years old; and it was not known exactly how deep they were buried. What now, I thought?!

Then in steps Ken Young of Sebastian to save the day! … and my whole project and Spring Break, really!! He volunteered to come take a look at the area, using high-powered water equipment to dig preliminarily to make sure no lines were in the way. Before I knew it, they had dug several holes (so quick with the water!) and just kept going until they had dug all nine holes!

As the holes were being dug, Steve (another employee of Sebastian) asked which tree I would like in the first hole. I told him I did not expect them to place them in the holes. I was just grateful for the holes being dug! He persisted saying we should just make sure they fit (and to be honest, I had never planted trees; so I did want to see one done so I could plant the rest.) Again, before I knew it, Steve, Brandon (another Sebastian employee) and two crew members from Sacramento, whose names, unfortunately, I do not know, had planted all nine trees!! This project would have taken me at least a month - perhaps two!!

They all told me that they (and Sebastian) were happy to help the community whenever they could. I also know Sebastian was incredibly generous with their donation of the lights for our football stadium (Sebastian Stadium) at Foresthill High School. It is our wonderful community, residents and businesses alike, that make Foresthill such a great place to live!!

Thank you again, Sebastian, Ken, Steve, Brandon and crew!! I am truly so very grateful!! Kindly,

Wendy Baldwin

Learning Commons Instructional

Resource and Technology Specialist

Foresthill High School

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