Time will tell if the new water rate structure is a good or bad thing for the majority of the water rate payers in Foresthill.   My water bill this month has never been so high, so for people like me who invest lots of time in my garden landscape, I think I am at a disadvantage with the new rate scale.

Last year efforts were on the way to recall the Directors on FPUD.  Due to the China Virus and the Governor’s shut-down, we were unable to collect the necessary number of signatures in the time frame given, to qualify for a special recall election.  Currently our request to grant us more time has been accepted by the 3rd District Court of Appeal where it is waiting to be heard.  

The court functions at snail pace, and since our filing, only two of the original four Board members facing recall still sit on the FPUD Board.  Neil Cochran recently resigned and moved from the area, and Linda Cholcher was voted out of office last November.  This leaves us with Mark Bell and Patty Wade left to remove as Directors.

Although there are now three respected Board members who currently sit on the FPUD Board, Bell and Wade still have much power in directing policy because Bell is the President and picks and chooses what he wants on the agenda.  They both refuse to end the Miners Camp issue which Miners Camp won in lower court and on appeal    The legal fees have exceeded hundreds of thousands of dollars, all paid for by water rate payers, and there is no end in sight for settlement.  Obviously the FPUD’s attorney is milking the issue as well, and should be fired.

I have never been convinced that our water district needs a water rate increase, when I see such waste in legal fees, and the generous (ridiculous) salary and benefits given to the FPUD Manager.   And let us not forget the million dollar income FPUD receives each year by selling our water.  And remember, our water comes from mother nature which is free.

Rate payers are nothing more then an ATM machine to Wade and Bell.  They need to be removed as FPUD Directors.  There is no indication when the Appellate court will rule, hopefully with a “green light” on Concerned Water Rate Payers of Foresthill’s  effort for recall.  But there is a plan B.  Both Directors are up for reelection in June of 2022.  It is time for the community to think about challenging Wade and Bell at the ballot box.  As the time nears next January, we will ban together and support candidates for Director who are ethical, and truly represent Foresthill water rate payers.

Dianne Foster / Foresthill Community Members for recall of Bell and Wade

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