Thank you for your response to my letter in the last Messenger Ms Cholcher. We seem to have a difference of opinion here – my statements and numbers are based on rate payers or customers. There are 2034 water customers of which over 1200 signed petitions for each of the four candidates for a total of 4,885 total signatures, which is more than a majority. A majority of the water customers want a new Board Ms Cholcher.

It is heartbreaking as the statements in your response letter totally dismiss the majority of your customers the Board is supposed to be serving. You even go as far to mock these people who came out in a Covid shutdown and signed these petitions by calling them “recall disciples”. Neal Cochran has called these same people “pesky protesters”. It is heartbreaking as the Board is not taking the majority of water customers seriously on any level.

I was surprised the only fact I mentioned that you took acceptation to was the majority of water customers verses registered voters in the Water District. Everyone in Foresthill is affected by every decision the Water Board makes and should be concerned and involved. The actual customers are affected as well but they have to pay for your decisions. Like paying Hank 250K a year or paying hundreds of thousands of their dollars on attorney fees to fight Community Members who are water customers; consistently paying the attorney to travel and attend almost all Board meetings with an assistant. Never being able to tell the water customers, who pay the attorney, how much they are paying the attorney for litigation and appeals.  No transparency as to why the Board is appealing court decisions costing the customers more in attorney fees.

In closing I would like to thank you for your service but I wish you would consider leaving the Board if you can’t transform the Board into a transparent, professional Board who doesn’t waste Community dollars on grudges and litigation. Make it a Board who does not take its direction from the General Manager. A Board who realizes the General Manager works for them. A Board that does not ignore and mock the people they serve and treat them as adversaries. Please make it a Board that considers and respects the opinions of the Community as valid. After all the Board is supposed to serve and respect the rate payers of this Community.

Sue Kiesling  

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