Please Vote on Nov. 8th

“Due to the Covid state shutdown in 2020, the effort to recall the FPUD Board of Directors fell short in qualifying for an election. Not much has changed in that the majority of Board members do not reflect ratepayer concerns. An example is the Miners Camp vs. FPUD lawsuit which remains pending after four years. The lower and appellate court ruled on the side of Miners Camp. But yet the Board refuses to settle, and continues to pay lawyers to resist settlement. Wouldn’t this money be better spent lowering water rates?

On November 8th, there are three openings on the FPUD water Board. Roger Pruett, Ron Thompson and Dianne Foster would appreciate your vote. Roger Pruett, a plumber by trade, is knowledgeable in infrastructure piping. Ron Thompson has spent decades working on infrastructure projects, including a dam. Ms. Foster, by her involvement with the recall movement, has circulated throughout the Foresthill community, listening and gathering information on rate payer concerns. She would like those concerns given some credibility at Board meetings along with some solutions."

Please Vote on Nov. 8th.

Dianne Foster

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