“Forever strong and all the other verbalisms” are great about Foresthill. However, none of it would be if not for our terrific fire fighters. Imagine, no Foresthill Town which was saved twice, High School, even Wortons. There is Todd Valley and the infrastructure of our water supply, all this totally saved due to our devoted Fire Fighters. Other “Stuff” is inconsequential. Not to forget to include our lives.

This fire was the most difficult and challenging to fight. With the terrain, smoke and heat over 100 plus degrees. Fire fighters wearing all that heavy gear fought on. Even the ‘great airplane’ could not fly at first with the retardant, or the equipment could not be used on the steep canyon terrain, but our fire fighters trucked on. Then came the rain and cooler weather. The original date for fire retainment was Oct. 15th.

There will be more incidents as the years go by, but not to be discouraged. This was my first time to evacuate in 30 years.

Also, to be recognized, is the way the evacuation was handled. Via zones, in a very orderly manner. This then did not create a traffic problem on Foresthill Road. Have noted for years the one way in, one way out, and have been criticized for it. Those other roads are questionable. Even Iowa Hill road was closed. Regretfully, for those who lost their homes you are in our thoughts.

So, Foresthill all is good but remember who saved it all for us. Those wonderful Firefighters who we cannot thank enough even with signs and a big shout out.

Yolande Motzer, Foresthill

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