So, now do I have your attention?

The price of your water service will go up in the near future if you do nothing.  We were able to stop the water increase in February when 1,200 households in Foresthill filled out a Water Protest Form.  We now need to recall the current FPUD board, and the only way to do that is for you to add your signature to one or more of the petitions being circulated throughout Foresthill.

In talking with members of the community, we have discovered that there is considerable confusion about whether people have signed something to recall the board.  Most of you signed the Water Rate Protest in January or February.  BUT THAT DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE RECALL EFFORT.  This is a two-part process:  Part 1 was to stop the increase, which we did; Part 2 is to recall the board and requires new signatures on different forms, one petition for each of the four Board members.

Your current FPUD board has been meeting behind closed doors while most of us have been locked down in our homes.  The Board and the General Manager are working with the same company that created the flawed water rate using incorrect and incomplete data.  Now they want you to pay that same company another $35,000 – and then they want you to pay a public relations/marketing company another $20,000 to spin this new water study that will be essentially the same as before.

So, your signatures are needed NOW on any or all of the four petitions. Some of you have received a letter at your home that should include four petitions and a return envelope that you can use to mail to the FPUD Recall PO Box.   If you want to stop the next increase, you need to fill these out NOW and mail them back to us – or, you can drop them off at one of the local drop-off locations around town.  Go to for more information and to find the nearest drop-off location in your area.

The current deadline for filing the petitions with the Placer County Elections office is mid-May. We need your signatures as soon as possible and we need to collect the petitions that are floating around Foresthill.  Do NOT send them directly to the Elections board as we need to present them to the Elections office in one batch.  

We need 965+ signatures before the deadline!  So, make sure that you have signed all four petitions, along with your family members who are registered to vote, with one person signing the Declaration section on the back.  Please don’t procrastinate as time is ticking.  Thanks!

Wayne Fiske

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