Spring sports have been postponed and we are pending further direction from state officials, the CIF SJS, and our district superintendent. We are in a holding pattern until after April 13th, when students and staff were to return from Spring break. We will await and hope that our new normal doesn’t last longer than this time period, but with COVID cases on the rise, the health and safety of all is the top priority.

As for the academics at Foresthill High School, teachers and students have pivoted to an online learning platform to continue forward with learning.  We teach and learn using the Google Suite of services that our students have used daily in their classroom settings prior to the shelter in place. Each student has a chromebook (computer) to log into their virtual classrooms and view assignments, watch video instruction, and listen or watch their teacher live conduct a lab or lecture. We use Google Meetings to allow students to sit in a virtual classroom setting from home and engage each other and their teacher in discussions. This allows students the opportunity to complete coursework for the term. Our hearts go out to students and families who are missing out on many high school events and memories. Athletes have been encouraged to stay fit and be hopeful for a return to Spring sports with a modified season schedule, but nothing has been set or determined for now.

From our Wildfire family to yours we say, “stay healthy and strong”. Remember the core values we are working to develop in our students and student athletes everyday; perseverance, ingenuity, pride, respect and integrity. These are hard days, but it is often under fire that we refine our skills. Let’s be hopeful, make the most out of our days at home and move forward.

Bridget Farren

Athletic Director

Foresthill High School

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